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Curricular Structure



NYCU Degree Program of Elecyrical Engineering and Computer Science

Curricular Structure of Academic Year 111 and 112 

semester Program of Electronics and Electro-Optical Engineering Program of Electrical and Control Engineering Program of Communication Engineering Program of Computer Science
111-1 Introduce to Photonic Device and Photonic System Digital Signal Processing AI Lab for Wireless Communication Computer Architectures
  Power Management IC Design Wireless Communications Intelligent Applications of Deep Learning
  Embedded Operating Systems   Design and Implementation of Soft-Defined PHY for LTE eNB and IoT Applications
111-2 Optoelectronics and Lasers Linear System Theory and Applications Communication System Simulation and Experiments Algorithma 
  Power Electronics Microwave Engineering Vehicle Positioning, Electronic Maps, and Integrated Services
  Intelligent Control   Parallel Programming
112-1 Intro. to Electro-optic Engineering Analog Integrated Circuits Digital Signal Processing Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization/td>
  Design of Microsensors Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Computer Operations, Organization and Categorization
  Computer Control System   Compilers
      Video Streaming and Tracking
112-2 Introduction to Display Technologies Motor Control Antenna and Radio Wave Propagation Wireless Network
  Advance Analog Integrated Circuit Digital Communications Video Compression
  Image Processing   Introduction to Recommender Systems

All of the above are three-credit courses.
The above courses are for reference only. Please refer to the course selection system for each semester for the detailed course schedule.