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Academic Award


National Yang Ming Chiao Tung Univerity Degree Program of ECE and CS Colleges Academic Achievement Award Regulations


Article 1

These Regulations have been prescribed to reward students for academic excellence in their studies and to promote an atmosphere of learning.

Article 2

Student Qualifications and Quotas:

  1. Students shall be awarded in order of their rank ,and take at least two (inclusive) professional courses in the previous semester.
  2. Summer courses are integrated into the last semester of each subsequent academic year.
  3. Each group of graduate students of the same grade shall have one student, one more than ten graduate students, and one additional student for every ten students who have less than ten students.

Article 3

Award Method: A Certificate of Merit shall be awarded.

Article 4

The Academic Achievement Award is awarded once a semester. At the beginning of the semester, the list of recommended students and the course records of the previous semester will be submitted to the DPEECS Affairs Committee Meeting for confirmation, and the awards will be announced at a scheduled time.

Article 5

These Guidelines, and any ensuing revisions, shall be implemented following its passage at a DPEECS Affairs Committee Meeting.


These Regulations are adopted in Chinese, which shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese original.